Sunday, November 28, 2021

Tag: foodies

French Toast Casserole Recipe for You

This delicious recipe for French Toast Casserole is perfect for brunch on the weekends. It's easy to put together and simply delicious. 

Date Cake Recipe that’s Easy & Delicious

With Ramadan here, what better to satisfy your sweet tooth than an easy date cake recipe.  A moist cake bursting with the aromas of...

Meet The Team Behind The Popular Magazine

Who doesn’t love looking at beautiful interiors, gorgeous travel pictures, and delicious food? Put all these elements together, add some in-depth interviews, intriguing travel...

Spongy Cloud Cake Recipe for You

Who doesn’t like a soft, spongy, melt in your mouth cake?! All good things require a degree of effort and so even though this...

Divine Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

The current abundance of carrots at the sabzi-walas, has had my mind wandering towards consuming all sorts of calorific desi desserts such as gajar...

Delicious Broiled Lobster Tails – Easy Recipe

The first time I handled lobster tails, it was intimidating to say the least, but now, with this easy recipe, I find them to...

Iftar Ideas from Around the World

Here are some creative iftar ideas for this Ramazan spent in lockdown. Ramazan is a month of prayer and reflection, of charity and forbearance and...

Finnish Doughnut Recipe (Fried Doughnuts)

This Finnish Doughnut recipe is so easy to make and super yummy! These were a childhood treat made by my mother. These fried doughnuts...

Okra with Yoghurt (Dahi Bhindi) Recipe

This super yummy Okra with Yoghurt recipe is a summer favourite at our house.

Iftar Ideas: Prawn Balls Recipe

It's Ramazan time and we are thinking of food non-stop. The family wants something new and yummy every single day. Here is a simple...
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