Sunday, November 28, 2021

Tag: cycling

Re-Discovering Karachi: A Cyclist’s Guide

The pandemic has really taken a toll. Feeling isolated, hemmed in, simply stuck... but a small group of friends and cycling enthusiasts decided to...

Marvellous, Magical Mallorca

Travel to Mallorca When I first visited Mallorca, Spain with my mother, it was with a view for my parents’ retirement. They had considered London,...

Safe Cycling Practices

This is an open letter written by Critical Mass Karachi to the citizens of the city.  Amidst the social and economic disruption of the Corona...

Bohemian and Eclectic Artist and Actor’s Home

This Bohemian Artist and Actor's Home has a colourful, creative sensibility and a distinct vibe. Artist Farrukh Shahab and his wife, television actor Shaheen...

Critical Mass Karachi Celebrates Ten Years

Critical Mass Karachi, popularly known as CMK, celebrated its tenth anniversary on Sunday 6th October with a well-attended community ride, a special breakfast and...

Bikestan: Cycling in Pakistan

The dynamic duo behind Bikestan has taken their passion for cycling and turned it into a socially conscious business proposition.

Rameesha Shahid – Pakistan’s Kick Boxing Maverick

When you first meet Rameesha Shahid, Pakistan’s first certified woman Kick Boxing Trainer, you are struck by her humility. Unlike certain other trainers she...

Dolmen Gets Fit!

The Dolmen Gets Fit! event made fitness fun and exciting.

5 Easy Tips for adding Lagom to your Lifestyle!

The Swedish lifestyle concept of Lagom will truly continue to dominate in 2018…here are some ways you too can become a Lagomer or try...

Happy Street Lyari

Happy Street is called that for a reason! Amongst the narrow winding streets of Lyari, it is an unexpected delight rewarding the visitor.
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