Dolmen Gets Fit! And hopefully, much of Karachi will follow in their wake to a fitter & healthier lifestyle.

Dolmen gets fit

This October, the ‘Dolmen Gets Fit’ health and fitness event was organised from 17th to 22nd of the month! The five day event, offered exciting activities, featuring renowned trainers, sporting groups, healthy food and fitness brands and much more. All this is part of Dolmen Cares, an initiative to raise awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness Focus

Trainer sets a fitness challenge

More and more people are jumping onto the fitness bandwagon.  But with so many options to choose from, it can get a little confusing. That’s why Dolmen Mall Clifton arranged sessions with guest trainers like Mantahaa Tareen as well as Fatima Zahra Malik & Mustafa Totana from Fit In Five.


Dance demos and daily training sessions had also been organized with Body Beat Recreation Centre (BBRC). These featured the Hydro Fit Team, Sheroze Khan, Sameen Faizan and DostiZehra amongst others. Nothing draws crowds like music and dance and Shehroze and his team created a fun, festive atmosphere with their upbeat moves to popular songs.

The Spartan Fitness crew
The Spartan Fitness crew

Trainers Bilal Munir, Maaz and Sameet from Spartan Fitness were also present and organized some fun challenges for the crowds. Sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups were all on the menu and mall visitors participated enthusiastically. “Some trainers also happened to be visiting the mall and they came up and took part as well,“ said Spartan Fitness trainer Maaz. “A lot of kids showed up and wanted to compete against each other.”

The team from Critical Mass Karachi & Bikestan

The Bikestan and Critical Mass Karachi stall also drew large crowds to participate in the cycling challenge. With its video game-like feel, this challenge had people queing up for it.  “It’s not an easy challenge,” said Shoaib Nizami of Bikestan. “But I was happy to see that some people did complete it and also showed a lot of interest in purchasing quality bicycles for themselves.”

Naeema Kapadia of Critical Mass Karachi added, “this was a great opportunity to create awareness about cycling for recreation as well as fitness.”

Health for all

Free Health Checks were an important part of the event! ‘Dolmen Gets Fit’ was an opportunity to meet health professionals from Hashmani’s Hospital and DVAGO. People lined up to enjoy free consultations, free medical tests such as eye screening, blood pressure, blood sugar testing and more.

Regular check-ups are important in creating awareness and catching health problems in the early stages!

Food for a Healthy Life

We love food and if it’s healthy and tastes good, then we are sold. We already love the many healthy options such as Greeno, NECO’s and Subway etc.

At the Dolmen Gets Fit event, you could sign up for healthy, low-calorie food from KEATO (with a special discount). This is a home delivery service that offers a complete custom made Keto diet dispatched to your home each day.

Tapal Green Tea introduced its many exciting flavors and you could choose from Peach, Strawberry and Apple Green Tea to name just a few. We sampled the peach and it was truly peachy!

Workout Wear

The Triumph stall was also very popular. Trainer Fatima Zahra Malik got things going at retailer Triumph’s stall with fun games and challenges exclusively for ladies. Pakistani ladies showed their sporting side especially when a 58 year old shopper volunteered to hold her first ever plank and completed the challenge! Other brands like Adidas, Reebok, PUMA and NIKE were also offering discounts during the event.


The Pinktober Cycle Ride concludes at Dolmen Mall, Clifton

The final day of the event kicked off with the Pinktober cycle ride organised by Bikestan and supported by Critical Mass Karachi, who had been invited by Dolmen to do so. Pinktober is an annual event that helps raise awareness for breast cancer. Cyclists assembled at Dolmen Mall and cycled to Shaukat Khanum Hospital and back to the mall where special offers from Espresso and Rowtisserie amongst others awaited them.

The Pinktober ride was well attended by some 300 plus cyclists and a wave of positive energy flowed through the mall which hosted these early Sunday morning visitors. To encourage cycling as a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle choice, Dolmen mall is in discussion to provide bike stands to cyclists and host more rides in the future.

The Dolmen Gets Fit event was a great way to encourage fitness and make it fun! All the activities were designed to encourage the adoption of a healthier lifestyle.