You know that chemicals around the home can be detrimental for health. But how do you keep your home clean without all those handy sprays and polishes? Simple, make your own all-natural cleaners which are also super effective!

Glass & Window Cleaner

all-natural cleaners for glass & windows

No need to buy glass cleaner from the store. In a jug mix 2 tsp white vinegar and 3 cups water. Now pour this into an old spray bottle and you’re ready.

Spray this on all your windows and glass table tops etc. Wipe off with an old newspaper to have a clean, streak-free surface.

Kitchen Cleaner

The kitchen always seems to attract dust and grime, made up of cooking oil. To clean this up in a jiffy, make a paste of baking soda, lemon juice and water. Apply this onto a sponge and wipe off the grime from counters, floors and cooking surfaces, quickly and easily.

Furniture Polish

The trusty coconut oil that you keep for your hair is also great for polishing furniture. Apply a small amount onto a soft cloth and polish wooden furniture such as table and chairs. This is also great for removing water stains from polished surfaces and restoring shine.


all-natural cleaners
Baking soda is a great all-natural cleaner!

Your carpet or upholstery smelling a bit musty? Then reach for baking soda to fix this. Simply sprinkle some baking soda powder on the affected areas and leave for 10 mins. Brush away the powder with a dust brush and wow, the area will not be smelly anymore.

Tea Stain Cleaner

Tired of trying to make your cups and mugs white again? Then here is a great natural way to restore the whiteness and remove tea or coffee stains. Sprinkle salt on some lemon peel and rub the stained areas. Hey presto the stains will disappear.

With these simple ideas you can reduce the use of chemical cleaners around the home. These all-natural cleaners are both safe and effective. Making this a win-win for everyone in the home!