Baking Soda is not just for baking, people. In fact it’s one of the most versatile, natural cleaners available anywhere. Use it around the home and kitchen every day.

  1. Fridge Air Freshener

Too much meat or masala around, and its making your fridge smell? Well there is a simple solution in your kitchen – baking soda. Simply fill a cup or open plastic container with baking soda and place in your Fridge. It will absorb stale odors and mask any smells!

  1. Kitchen Cleaner

This versatile ingredient has so many uses around the kitchen. Make a paste with a small amount of water and use it to scrub dishes, counters and appliances. It’s a natural abrasive cleaner that’s ideal for removing tough stains.

  1. Tooth Whitener

Forgot to get to the dentist and have a big event tonight? Then no worries, your trusty baking soda can help you. Make a paste with the soda and a wet toothbrush, then scrub your teeth as you would with a toothpaste. Your teeth will be whiter than before and you can smile in all the pictures. Just don’t do this more than once a month, because overuse can harm tooth enamel!

  1. Shoe Deodorizer

Your kids sports shoes smelling up the home? Well baking soda can help here as well. Simply shake some soda into the shoes and leave overnight. Then shake out the powder before wearing the shoes again.

  1. Anti-acid

Ok so you have eaten too much and now have acidity? ¼ teaspoon of baking soda in room temperature water can be taken to relieve your symptoms too. No more heart burn and you can relax and enjoy the meal with your family and friends.

So there you have it, baking soda really is a wonder ingredient in your kitchen cupboard. From cleaning to deodorizing to relieving acidity, this natural wonder can do it all.