Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Tag: Pakistani art

Historic Tombs of the Nawabs of Bahawalpur

It was a sunny afternoon in Bahawalpur when we decided to visit the Derawar Fort. After a 2 hour drive over bad roads that...

Wahab Jaffer: The Artist and Collector at Home

Art Collector and artist, Wahab Jaffer, showed us around his home.

A Quick Guide to Pakistani Art 6

Continuing on our journey through the rich and varied world of Pakistani art.

A Quick Guide to Pakistani Art 5

More artists from our curator's pick from the Pakistani art scene.

A Quick Guide to Pakistani Art 4

More exciting work from the plethora of contemporary Pakistani art...

A Quick Guide to Pakistani Art 3

More Pakistani artists to watch out for...

Living Rooms – Four Home Styles, Four Cities

Four Living Room Styles in Four Cities around the world

A Quick Guide to Pakistani Art

Presenting two more Pakistani artists.

The Art of Our Times

An exciting journey through the world of Pakistani art.

Passion for Porcelain in a Karachi Mansion

A visit to the stunning home of a collector with a passion for porcelain in Karachi.

You know You’re in a Pakistani Home When…

A humorous look at Pakistani Home Decor trends & tastes