Shades of Blue – Interior Inspiration


Shades of Blue always seem to inspire Team Homelovelifestyle, whether indoors or outdoors. There is something so serene and beautiful about the colour – every shade, from cerulean to cobalt can fit so easily into your interior.

Clutter-free Colour

Shades of Blue

This simple and elegant drawing room in a clutter-free Karachi home uses the colour combo of blue and off-white to great effect. The room looks contemporary and welcoming with a classic carpet and simple wood flooring.

Holistic Home Decor

Spruce up a rental space as this young couple did with an eclectic mix of art and furniture centred around a sofa in shades of light and darker blue. Kilims in rich shades of maroon and rust set off the room to perfection.

Signature Doors

Shades of Blue
Hina Salon Door

Interior designer and co-founder Naeema Kapadia decided that a signature blue door would set this simple, salon entrance apart from the others. It’s an effective way yet elegant way to differentiate the recently renovated salon and make it a landmark in an area dotted with businesses.

Velvet Wonderful

Celebrity couple Sarwat Gilani and Fahad Mirza have decorated their Karachi home with a plush couch in deep blue. Bright, graphic print cushions set off the blue of the sofa to give the room an artsy vibe.

Dubai Decor

shades of blue

A renovated Dubai Villa uses pops of blue to create distinctions between spaces within an open-plan home. The palette is kept neutral so that the colour makes maximum impact.

We are so inspired by all these amazing shades of blue around these lovely homes.