Clutter-Free and Colourful Home


This clutter-free and colourful family home in Karachi is the residence of a young couple and their son. Since the couple both work full-time, they wanted an easy to maintain yet aesthetically pleasing space to unwind or entertain in.

Clutter-Free Family Home

Shazia Mastoor and Noman Lakhani welcomed us into their home and Shazia showed us around.

Did you build or buy this house?

We built this house about five years ago. I wanted a house with an open feel and my architects delivered on  that. The design concept and details are by Aqeel Kapadia and the work was carried through by Shafqat Ahmed Khan. Even though the plot is not very big, we have a lot of space. There are bedrooms reserved for my mother-in-law and my parents when they visit. Many people have commented on how large the space feels. In fact, I sometimes think it’s too much for a small family (laughs).

Who is responsible for the decor?

My husband and I both take a lot of interest. I always consult him before making a purchase. We have slowly picked up pieces and added things over the years.

Clutter-Free Family Home

Clutter-Free Family Home

When we first moved in, we had a very tight budget for buying furniture. I bought our bedroom furniture and a dining table and chairs. Everything else was a hand-me-down. I had my parents’ old sofa refurbished and just left many spaces bare. I saved money wherever I could. The basement had no carpeting…it took three years to do everything.

Do you entertain often?

Yes. Both my husband and I love to have our friends over. In fact, I told my architects that I wanted a home with many spaces where one could have different groups of people over; mine, my husband’s my son’s friends.

Is that why you were keen on a basement?

The basement is our video and game room. We have a projector and love to watch songs or films with our friends. Or have a game night here.

You obviously like colour?

Yes. I like bright colours. Hence the turquoise accent wall and brightly coloured paintings and upholstery.

Where do you spend the most time?

Honestly, the whole week while work is on, we spend the most time in our bedrooms. We only come downstairs to eat. But on the weekends the sitting room and basement is used.

Clutter-Free Family Home

We also spend a lot of time on the terrace upstairs. It is very breezy throughout the year and the fairy lights add a nice touch. We love to unwind here with tea or snacks.

With children being at home so much, children’s bedrooms are also an important space.

Yes. My son is in his bedroom most often, playing games or even if a friend is over. We had this Batman mural painted on the wall by an artist and thankfully he still likes it!

You have a lovely kitchen.

Clutter-Free Family Home

My husband loves to cook so this is his space. There is even a TV here! We  prefer to eat here on most days rather than in the dining room.

Is the garden used often?

Yes it is. It’s quite small but we use it to the fullest. In winter we entertain here with barbecues. We have added a small fountain which I turn on and the whole space looks lovely at night.

In fact, I had my husband’s fortieth birthday party here and, using the driveway as well, we hosted up to 60 people outdoors.

Photography by Naeema Kapadia