Decor Trends 2021 are HERE

decor trends 2021

We are almost at the end of 2020 and if you’re like us, you’re really looking forward to 2021 and new beginnings. Here are some Decor Trends that will inspire you to create a happy, restful home in 2021.

So Zen

We continue to be homebodies and trying to create a peaceful vibe at home is a priority. Simple shapes in a neutral palette, less clutter and an emphasis on harmony in our interiors is a must. So staying home becomes a pleasure like in this Brussels apartment!

Natural Light

Open up the space and let in natural light! This will lift up your mood and your interiors. Base your day around the interplay of light and shadows as you follow the sun in your home. Create a breakfast nook, a tea corner and a dining area accordingly like in this Karachi apartment by the sea.

Earthy Colors & Textures

Earthy tones comfort and create a urban sanctuary. From taupe to brown and moss green, use them to decorate your living room or bedroom. You will be sure to enjoy the restful colors and benefit from the calm it induces like in this serene and elegant home.

Home Offices 

We will continue to work from home in 2021. So create a designated space if you haven’t already. Buy a comfortable ergonomic chair in a cheerful color and a practical desk. Add a few cheerful accessories to personalize the space. Having a pet helps too like in the study above, but that’s optional:)

Natural Materials & Sustainability

Patio in a Karachi Home

Wood, stone and terracotta are all making a comeback. From cane furniture to wicker accents to wooden benches, decorate your home inside and out with their natural charm like in this Karachi Home. Natural materials and sustainability is a design trends that seems to so appropriate right now and will continue into 2021. Recycle and upcycle your furniture & textiles to create less waste and more beauty.

Now that we have shared the Decor Trends 2021 with all of you; I’m sure our readers will be gearing up for a happy and healthier New Year!