A league of distinguished gentlemen took to the streets of Karachi last Sunday, that too on classic motorcycles, to leave passersby gawking.

Distinguished Gentlemen on the streets of Karachi.
Distinguished Gentlemen on the streets of Karachi.

Distinguished Gentleman on the Go

Early birds in Karachi were treated to the unusual sight of a trail of beautifully styled classic and vintage motorbikes, carrying equally meticulously styled gentlemen down the city’s main thoroughfares. Sporting waistcoats, cravats, fedoras and tweed caps, these dapper gentlemen were riding to raise money and awareness for men’s health, in particular prostrate cancer and mental health.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, as it is known, takes place once every year on September 30th in 650 cities around the world. The ride in Karachi last Sunday also saw some well-known showbiz personalities like Aijaz Aslam and Faisal Qureshi joining in.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s ride was established in 2012 in Sydney, Australia and the first ride in Pakistan was held in 2015. Since then rides have been held regularly in Karachi and Islamabad with around 400 registered bikers. “Riding a motorbike is every little boy’s dream,” says Abbas Ali a motorcycling enthusiast who donned his Sunday best for the ride. ” It gives me wings and it’s especially thrilling to throttle out in the dark on my own.”

Breaking Stereotypes

Meanwhile, the motorcycling community in Karachi has been growing. “Riding in a pack is a unique experience,” agrees Abbas Ali.  “The brotherhood and camaraderie has its own own flavour. It’s like a pack of wolves howling together to wake up even the dead in our paths.”

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is seen as a fun way to throw light on an important subject and it also allows bikers to break out of the stereotypical hard-edged image that they usually inspire. “Usually most of us dress in our macho, casual gear, ” adds Abbas. “Dressing up and blending our sleek and raw personas was ultimate. The fact that it was all for a good cause made it even better.”