Living rooms are the heart and soul of a home. It’s the place where family and friends spend the most time. Comfort is usually important, but so is style because this room more than any other reflects the design and decor philosophy of the home owner.

Here are 4 Living Rooms inspired by 4 Different Cities around the world.

Colour Confidence in Boston

This living room is in a home in Boston, USA. Interior Designer, Naeema Kapadia, helped achieve the family’s wishes of bringing, a little bit of Pakistan in Boston, by creating this home style. Their love of Pakistani art is clear and it proudly adorns all the walls of this home.

Apartment Style in Karachi

This living room is an Apartment in Karachi. The family requested the interior Designers, to plan an interior scheme which was light and inviting. So a neutral palette was chosen as the focus, to maximize the effect of creating Big Impact in a small space.

New York Neutrals

This is a home in New York, and the home owner was very specific in choosing the style and colour in order to bring some peace, harmony and space to this home, away from the hustle and bustle of a big metropolis like NYC. This is New York Style – four elements in one room

Boho Chic in Chicago

Colourful Chicago Condo, is a perfect example of a reflection of the home owners personality and screams Bohemian chic. Here too the home owners love of Pakistan is reflected in the art and the carpets.