This small condo in a Chicago suburb brings a burst of Pakistani-style warmth and colour to its surroundings. Full of paintings, books and plants, it reflects the home owner’s personality and spells bohemian chic. The self-styled Chicago condo is a great example of how design and style do not have to be hostage to hefty budgets and big name tags.

“Living away from Pakistan, living alone and trying to make a life in a new environment, I think I unconsciously surrounded myself with all the things that make me feel good. I tried to recreate the warmth of home,” says the home owner.

Use of Colour

Neutral carpet and walls provided the perfect backdrop for the use of colour. A vivid blue suede sofa is scattered with colourful, ethnic-style cushions and so is the complementing grey suede sofa.

Hand-knotted Carpet

The living room is dominated by a beautiful hand-knotted Pakistani carpet in a traditional Persian, floral design. But any formality is broken up by the green, bench-style table which replaces the traditional coffee table. A ceramic vase filled with paint brushes and pencils and the profusion of books lends a distinct bohemian vibe.

The wall dividing the open kitchen from the sitting area is adorned with Turkish wall tiles and colourful ceramic bowls. Even the kitchen cabinets are decked with colourful glass bottles since they peep into the living space.

The small dining area is dominated by a collection of prints on the wall and a low-hanging paper lamp. A vibrant Kashmiri-embroidered shawl is displayed as a wall-hanging.

Profusion of Plants

A profusion of plants inside the home, reflects the owner’s love of gardening and plays well into the current trend of being green and adds an ergonomic, wholesome vibe. The tiny balcony is also filled with plants and flowers, adding a burst of colour to the building facade.

Paintings and Art Work

The home owner is a writer, art critic and curator. A focal point of this space is the multitude of paintings and other art work scattered around. From highly acclaimed Pakistani artists to popular street art and interesting prints, the owner picks up whatever catches her eye. Keeping in mind the small space, she has left her major collection of paintings in Karachi and only has small pieces in her condo.

The result is a warm and welcoming Chicago condo with a distinctive and unique vibe which stands out in this suburban neighbourhood.







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