The wedding season is almost upon us but are you ready? Most of the time we focus on just the bride and forget about the groom! So here are some great wedding gifts for the groom, perfect for your cousin or best friend who is getting married soon!

1. Watch Box

Gifts for the Groom can include a watch box

Giving watches to the groom is a tradition in many parts of the world, especially by the in-laws. So what better gift than a nice watch holder that can display multiple watches safely and in style.

2. Monogrammed Case

A personalised toiletry bag or cuff link case in leather with his initials is a great way to start him off in his new life. There are many options in the market and these make a thoughtful yet useful gift. And let’s be honest that ratty old plastic case or dented cuff link box he’s used since college is way past its throw out date.

3. Golf Accessories

He’s moving on to the next stage of his life and will probably want to network with his boss and in laws. Why not gift him with some golf accessories like a monogrammed bag, cap and gloves. If you are feeling especially generous a top of the line putter or driver is also an option.

4. Coffee or Espresso Machine

You know he loves his coffee, so what better way to celebrate this than to gift the bridegroom with a coffee machine. Espresso machines are a bit more pricey but also a possibility if your budget allows. An option is the Sinbo Espresso Coffee maker.  Each morning he will thank you, as the smell of freshly brewed coffee fills his new home.


5. Spa Gift Card

It’s a busy and stressful time, so a spa day can really help. Plus a facial and mani/pedi is essential if you don’t want him to be all cave man at the reception. Find a nice manly salon or spa if he is intimidated and send him off to prepare for the big day.

These great gifts for the groom will help make the most of the celebrations! The groom will remember you fondly and the bride will thank you, for making her new hubby feel truly included in the festivity.