Flowers are a great gift

You scored an invite to an exclusive dinner or event, yay you! Now how to make sure you get invited again and again, by being the perfect guest that you know you can be.


Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels

So first things first, make up your mind if you can/want to attend a particular event and then let your host/hostess know as soon as possible. Don’t do the wait for a better invitation tactic that is annoying and so beloved of desis.

Take a gift

Always walk in with a little something to add to the party. This could be flowers, a plant in a pot, a small gift like a candle or even dessert which is much appreciated. If it’s the latter tell your host/hostess in advance that you plan to bring something to add to their menu.

Talk to Everyone

Nothing is more stressful for the host than wondering if the guests will get along and enjoy the event. So please make an effort with new people, draw out a shy girl or reserved man with a conversation starter like politics and watch the party come alive.

Eat something

Never start by announcing that you have gone vegan in the last week. If you have dietary restrictions, let the host know in advance so they can cater for you. Ditto for any allergies of course! Once at the party try to nibble at least, if you really don’t like the food or are trying to cut down!

Remember to Enjoy Yourself

Leave on time

Yes the party was amazing and you love everyone so, so much that you decided never ever to go home. Bad idea, the host or hostess love you too, but they have spent the whole day preparing the feast and now their feet ache and their smiles are becoming a bit forced. Go home and send them a text thanking them for a lovely evening.

Congrats you are a guest in a million and your social calendar will fill up so fast, you might have to order gifts in bulk.