How to Use Potted Plants at Home


Our guest blogger Natasha is a doctor by day and a writer by night. She started blogging to give expression to her many interests outside the field of medicine.  

Gardens have the power to add serenity and cheer to the home. However not everyone has the luxury of having a garden at home. For such homes the best way to add some greenery is to set up small green corners at home that serve the purpose of beautifying the home while augmenting colour at the same time. 

I personally love the use of indoor potted plants to add some warmth and colour to home décor. They let you cultivate your creativity while expanding your green environment.    22391866ff4e0ff5f9cc6e20cc46f4c6--southern-living-magazine-spring-colors

It is easy to buy plants from a nursery and place them at places you desire but one needs to keep in mind a few pointers while doing so, in order to maintain the plant. Here are a few points on how to  make an effective use of potted plants at home:

  1. Make sure about drainage:   This is as vital for plant growth as sunlight. If the water has nowhere to drain, then as you water the plant the soil becomes water logged, leading to death of the roots. Pick pots that have a hole in them, large enough to manage water drainage. In case your pots lack holes then drill some holes beneath or on the sides.   6a6944a65d48d947ed7508f86f57fcbc--flower-plants-potted-plants

  2. Evaluate light: It is always easy to place plants near the windows or in a gallery area so that there is ample light for the plants to grow. However some plants require less sunlight and can be kept indoors, for example money plant, cactus  etc. Always determine how much light the area receives before placing plants.

  3. Fertilizers:   Potting soil lacks minerals. Since the soil in potted plants is less effective for growth, hence it is always advisable to make use of fertilizers and mixes that aid plant growth..   shoe-organizer-garden

  4. Make use of home containers:   It is also easy on the pocket to make use of potted plants to create a garden. If you have a tough time buying pots then make use of home containers, paint them, decorate them in any way you want. You can also make use of old shoe holders, containers and old bottles. Pick  a plant that appeals to you and get your garden game on.   ivy-plants-against-white-backgroundtumblr_mo8wgi99Y31stf1zao1_500

Remember, maintaining a potted plant garden at home requires attention and hard work. However, the rewards are many!