Paintings are beautiful in themselves. But the right frame can enhance that beauty even more! Here are some creative ways to frame your paintings, so they look even better.

Bold Frames

Creative ways to frame your paintings
Komal Rizvi’s home has beautifully framed artwork

Most conventional frames are chosen to not overpower the artwork. Why not choose a dramatic frame instead, that is a statement in itself.

Try contrasting styles for even more drama! So an ornate carved frame for a modern canvas, or bright neon-coloured one for a monochrome one.

Colourful Mats

If you want to keep the frame simple, choose a colourful mat instead. This will really set off the painting or print in a unique way. Deep colours such as navy or red are always popular. You can play with textures as well, so try fabric such as jute or velvet.

Oversized mats (2 to 3 times bigger than the artwork) are also popular these days. Just go with what suits your interior and home décor.

Gallery Display

If you have a selection of paintings or prints, you can create a gallery wall. Frame them in similar frames of different sizes and place them together.

The grouped works will have a major design impact. These can be unified by a color scheme or by subject such as this wall covered in art.

Box Frame

A Mondrian masterpiece in a box frame

A box frame for your art or momentoes gives a crisp, contemporary look. It can be transparent and allow the wall to show through or have a mat. Either ways it sets the artwork apart and highlights its beauty.

Unique Placement

Don’t just place artworks on walls. Place them inside a coffee table, covered by protective glass. Or even hang them on a mirror wall.

One home owner collected so much art, he needed to hang canvases on his doors as well. In this way he created a unique space all of his own.

The more unique your home, the more perfect a background it will be for your personality. So have some fun and experiment a bit. Frame your paintings in creative ways and make them your very own.