No two dining rooms are alike. Even in identical apartments, you’ll notice each room is unique. Stamped with the personality of the home owners. Here we look at some dining room styles that will inspire you to change or just update your own!

Colored Walls and Drama

This dramatic room combines chandeliers, furniture and a blue wall to great effect. The patterned floor defines the space and mirrors reflect the art perfectly, creating a great place to entertain guests and family.

Rustic Charm

The rustic appeal of this open plan dining room is enhanced by lots of natural light. The pendant lights, the colonial style furniture and simple ‘chiks’ on the wall create a heritage vibe in the award-winning Mir House.

Apartment Style

Space is at a premium in most apartments. The designers utilise the area cleverly by combining a bench with chairs to create maximum versatility. The comfy chairs in welcoming colours create a cosy dining nook for the whole family to enjoy. Creating big impact in this small space!

Colonial Decor

An eclectic approach sees this dining room enhanced by one red wall and vibrant art. The dark colonial style dining table, ornamental side board and ceramics create an oriental vibe. The look is colourful, charming and unique.

Global Flair

Pakistani’s living abroad have a unique sense of style. They take the best of their home country such as art and carpets and combine it with a western aesthetic. This charming home in Boston creates a warm and welcoming vibe with Pakistani art and ornaments.

So now you have a seen a range of dining rooms. We hope you are inspired to redo your own or just accessorise it differently to change up the look.


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