De-cluttering is good for the soul. It restores balance and keeps not only your home but also yourself looking and feeling light and free. Cluttering happens when we simply do not get rid of the old, which we no longer need, and go ahead and buy something new. If not dealt with in a timely manner, this can actually become a serious issue and sap your surroundings of health and cheer! Go on make a promise to yourself and start to De-clutter your home today!

By following these simple day to day tips, you will not be considered a hoarder anymore and will certainly not need a professional organizer.

1. De-clutter the area or room that annoys you the most.

Maybe there is a cupboard which does not close properly; that would be a good place to spur you on and get motivated.

2. Do not over do it!

De-cluttering is a slow and thought out process. After all if it took you years to pile up these objects, it will certainly take you a lot longer than a few hours to sort through them. So think and plan before starting the process.

3. One In, One Out

Every time you buy something new, make sure to give away or discard an old object that you are not using.

Too many shoes? Time to de-clutter your home!

4. Keep a Charity Bag or a Box ready

Once you have this in place and know it exists – even virtually if not physically – then the whole process becomes easier. Toss an item that you no longer need or use right into the Charity Box. Make sure to give the Box away to the less fortunate regularly.

5. Start with the Easy stuff first

Give away something as simple as a piece of clothing or shoes and then move on to more complicated items.

6.  Keep Decisions Simple

If the item is broken then do not leave it lying around, trash it – and do not give away something broken.

When making a selection decision, see how you feel about the item. It is okay to have a  list of items to keep, but you may re-visit the list later and decide to give away something.

7. You Do Not have to be a Minimalist

De-cluttering is about having the right kind of stuff which will suit your lifestyle now. For example, if you do not entertain often, then give away some crockery and cutlery.

8. Let Go of Unfinished Projects

Chances of finishing an unfinished project is zero to nil if you have not done so for over a decade. So if you still have that large easel and the unfinished painting in your room for the last 5 years, then go on give  away or discard now.