Home made natural fragrances are not only good for one’s senses but can also purify the air around you and work as an excellent remedy for a slight chest congestion.

If you have a steamer — then all you need to do is fill the steamer with water to which you have added:

  1. Cinnamon

  2. Cloves

  3. Ajwain (also known as Bishop’s weed)

If you don’t have a steamer then you can very easily add the cinnamon, cloves and ajwain, to water in a cooking utensil and bring to a boil. Let the water container sit in a safe place and let the steam fill the air until the water cools.

Leave the steamer in your foyer — this will be a sure shot way to add a beautiful spicy fragrance to your home. Very inviting!

(steamers are readily available in stores)