Conserving energy is one of the most pressing modern challenges. A new product on the market brings a smart and eco-friendly solution to managing your energy needs which is easier on the environment as well as on the pocket.

A simple device can now  give consumers the ability to monitor and control electrical appliances in the home from their smartphones.

Similar devices which may already be available in the market are pricey and require considerable renovations to incorporate. But Linked Things has come up with a budget friendly and easy to install device called Otto, which  is changing all that.

The system comes with a hub that connects appliances to the home internet router to send the requisite information to your app.

Now you can control home appliances, lights, fans, ACs, door locks and curtains from anywhere in the world, where an internet connection is available.

Otto will revolutionize the way you live

The device also offers security solutions. You can check the gates of your home before opening it remotely. Otto water will monitor the level of water in your overhead and underground tank and prevent overflow and waste.

These devices provide homeowners with patterns of consumption and will allow them to make efficient changes.

In fact the device is equally valuable for offices, allowing owners to monitor energy usage and make effective changes. Even a small change in consumption will allow for big savings.

The app has been developed by Sophia Hasnain who is a technology and business consultant. She has lived in the US, Germany and now Pakistan where she set up the company Linked Things.

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