Bright and Welcoming Singapore Apartment



This bright and welcoming Singapore apartment  belongs to a Pakistani couple and their small daughter. The home of Kiran and Khurram Siddiqui is a creatively curated, elegant space which reflects the home owner’s love of design and pleasing environments. “My husband is a banker and he was re-located for work 9 years ago and since then, beautiful Singapore has been our home,” says Kiran. “I am a Human Resource specialist by profession but currently I’m a stay at home mum. I am dedicating all my energy towards raising my little girl.”

Singapore apartment

How long have you been living in this home?

We  live in a condo which is very common in Singapore. The current house is rented and has been our home for three years. Because it’s a rental, I do not make major changes but keep moving things around when I get bored of a setting.

Who shares the home with you?

We are a family of four. My mother-in-law lives with us too.

Is your home self-styled? How would you describe your style sense?

Singapore apartment

Yes, it’s totally self-styled. My husband and I both take interest when it comes to buying stuff for the house or making changes. But nothing can actually be changed unless it’s approved by me. I often take inspiration from home décor/lifestyle pages and I really like to browse online and  pick up new things that will go well with my home.

While the apartment has decent space, we cannot experiment much with big furniture and fixtures. I have kept the colour tones light and neutral. For me, the house should reflect one’s own character and taste. Monochromatic homes always inspire me and I have tried to use a black and white palette. I have used greys and beiges in my home with a pop of colour to jazz it up a bit.

Singapore apartment

My style sense is both contemporary and traditional. Paintings and rugs are mostly from Pakistan, which add tradition and bring back a lot of memories. Some pieces are also from Vietnam.

What is your favourite space in the home ?

Our family room which is our office and TV room which is the most used.  It is our favourite space where we catch up on our TV seasons, gossip and discuss our day.

What is more important? Style or comfort?

Both are important. A house should be neat, classy and comfortable all at the same time.

Do you entertain often?

Oh yes! We love entertaining. We use our dining area to serve food and move the furniture a bit to accommodate more people. Also, we have a relatively larger balcony which was used during pre-COVID times when we used to have more people over. Hopefully soon again.

Is there a favourite object in the home? Any story behind it?

Our family picture wall where we keep a little cohort of our memories. It has my daughter’s life journey captured so it is very special to me.

What is your inspiration?

Singapore apartment

If I am specific art and good music always inspires me in everything I do. It helps me improve my mood and gives me positive mental space. However, in general, everyday things inspire me. I am fascinated by family, friends, meeting new people knowing about their culture, lifestyle etc.

Photos courtesy the home owner