Cycling to Glory: National Women’s Cycling Champions


Perseverance, courage determination…these are just a few of the qualities that define this group of athletes. Meet team Bikestan Crank Addicts who are Pakistan’s reigning National Women’s Cycling champions. Led by captain Kanza Malik, the team comprises six members who competed and won the recently held National Cycling championship. Kanza also won the title of overall Women’s National Champion. Team member Asma Jan won a gold medal in the 40 km race and youngest member, Humera won a gold and bronze in her categories. Zainab Rizwan, Sadaf Furqan and Kaukab Sarwar complete this elite group.

These extraordinary women lead otherwise ordinary lives as mothers, home makers and working professionals. But when cycling beckons, they go into athlete mode. HomeLoveLifestyle caught up with this inspirational group to find out a little bit about their journey.

Cover Photo by Naeema Kapadia