Front Doors: Decorating Ideas and Tips


Front doors or main doors have a dual purpose; to invite people in and to keep unwanted people out!

Therefore it is essential to invest in a solid and sturdy front door, but that does not mean that we have to take the creative element out of it. We in Pakistan tend to steer clear of painted or colourful doors as far as the main entrance doors go. We gravitate more toward the tried and tested wooden polished theme.

Here we have chosen a few examples of wooden polished doors with some element of décor and style where the home owners have paid extra attention to creating that first impression!

Tranquil Ambience in an Urban Home

Wood and slate slabs make this door unique and sturdy. A craftsman was especially brought in from Islamabad to work on the carved slate slabs inlaid in the  doors of this house.

front doors

Karachi Villa with a Tropical Courtyard

This door was inspired by a door in New York City and the home owner’s sister designed it for them. We particularly love the birds and the greenery. Very welcoming and tropical.


Zaheer and Sameena Abbas’s Moorish Inspired Home

Old traditional Haveli doors lend that sense of intrigue—the suspense of what lies beyond the portal makes for a dramatic entrance. Paired with Moroccan lights and a wrought iron bench, the exotic look is complete!

front doors

Tropical Colonial Revival Style Home

The lush outdoors of this home add to the tropical vibe. Meanwhile the tall doors with the  glass detail leading to the outside further emphasise the colonial revival feel.

front doors

Rustic Elegance in a Karachi Home

The main entrance doorway is very striking. This door is a collection of different pieces the home owner picked up. This is a jharoka or a window frame plus smaller carved panels which she put together.

front doors

Since your Front door is such a focal point of the house, a great looking door or entryway will always make other features of the house stand out more.