Classically Styled Mansion by Envicrete


Grand proportions and classical styling lend this home an elegant grandeur. The home was built recently as an add-on to another adjoining bungalow. The luxe finishing touches and interior design by Envicrete really helps take the home to the next level.

interior design envicrete

House to Home by Envicrete

The entire downstairs area is largely reserved for visitors while the family prefers to spend time in the upper portion of the house. The simple lines of the large rooms and massive hallway allow for an easy flow of space while large windows add to the spacious feel. The walls and massive pillars are embellished with fine mouldings. These add the element of style and classical elegance to this large area.

Mouldings by Envicrete

“The house was designed by my architect who has done a great job giving us what we wanted,” explained the home owner. “But for the interiors, we wanted to add that something extra. That’s where Envicrete stepped in.”

“They saw the space, designed how and where the mouldings would be used and presented the design to us for approval. The space is really very simple so the mouldings and wall paneling have added the finishing touch.”

interior design envicrete

Besides the enclosed formal sitting room,  classically styled mouldings have been used extensively in the open sitting area. This huge space has been cleverly divided to create several seating arrangements.


The massive picture windows which look out into the extensive lawn are draped with rich fabric to soften the daylight streaming in.  “It’s very calming to look out at the greenery,” says the homeowner. A pair of large doors open into the lawn from this area with a square of stone-paving  on which an antique table and chair are placed. The pavers in this area are also courtesy Envicrete.

Sumptuous Light Fittings

interior design envicrete

The old-world style Irani chandelier in the middle of the sitting room, underneath which sits an antique marble topped table, creates a timelessly elegant central point for this area. Overall, the delicate mouldings and the sumptuous light fittings create a luxuriously styled backdrop for the lightly carved wooden furniture and upholstered sofas. The wooden flooring creates an interesting contrast, adding warmth to this space.

“We didn’t want anything very opulent,” says the home owner. And apart from the rich crystal light-fittings, the other furniture is all quite simple. “A home should feel like a home and not a hotel,” says the home owner. ‘The design team at Envicrete understood what I wanted. And they have made a huge difference at relatively little expense. Their rates are very reasonable.”

A photograph of the home owner’s late uncle, iconic actor Mohammad Ali , is fondly displayed.

The theme of simple elegance continues in the dining room. Upholstered dining chairs soften the edges of the wooden dining table and a long console table sits along one wall.  “The dining table and chairs were bought over from Dubai,” the home owner tells us. “I also like the concept of  taking one’s food and then sitting down together so the food is placed on the long table, buffet-style. Guests can serve themselves and then we sit at the dining table.”

Heritage Furniture

Quaint pieces of antique furniture can be seen throughout the home especially in the small study which also serves as an office. A green felt-topped writing desk and wicker-bottomed chairs and wooden chaise with painted tile inlays furnish this room.

“These are all old pieces handed down in the family over the years,” the home owner tells us. “The chairs are my favourite. They are so cool and comfortable to sit on.”

Interior Design Service by Envicrete

interior design envicrete

“The best thing about hiring Envicrete to finish our home was that they gave us a complete service. From design to execution, they had their own interior design team and also oversaw all elements till completion,” says this extremely satisfied customer. “In fact, I am looking forward to doing more projects with them in the future.”

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