4 Celebrity Homes, 4 Decor Styles

4 Celebrity Homes

Celebrities like all of us love their homes. They want them to be as reflective of their personality as possible. Here are 4 Celebrity Homes that you reveal the different decor styles of these celebs.

Mehreen Jabbar at Home

Mehreen is always simple and down to earth. Her apartment in NYC reflects that. It has a few well chosen pieces and art work. The rest relies on great location and fab views for impact.

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Sanam Saeed’s Family Home

Living Room in Sanam Saeed HomeTalented and charming with a great sense of style, Sanam Saeed is a celeb favourite. Her home is gracious and elegant. Filled with family treasure and precious momentos.

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Marina Khan’s Cosy Abode

Marina Khan is one of the most beloved of Pakistani celebrities. Her lovely home is cosy and welcoming, full of art, knick knacks and her many pets. It is surrounded by an elegant verandah and beautifully landscaped gardens.

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Sarwat Gilani’s Elegant Home

4 Celebrity HomesActress and celeb Sarwat Gilani is also an artist and budding interior designer. Her home is full of colourful accents, oversized paintings and much more. A roof terrace designed by Sarwat creates a lovely space for entertaining and relaxing too.

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These 4 Celebrity Homes are as different as the homeowners, but all reflect their unique personalities and creative touches.