Cloves are a tiny, pungent spice that is frequently used in S. Asian cooking. It is also a well known ingredient in many medicines especially in the Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions. Cloves – Health Benefits are many and also varied!

It’s an Anti-inflammatory

Every child used to hear this from their grandmothers: have a toothache, place a clove near the tooth and the pain will reduce. Turns out they were right. Cloves have anti-inflammatory benefits. To temporarily treat toothache, put some clove oil on cotton wool and place on your tooth, the pain will subside. Clove oil can also be added to water and used as a mouth wash.

It’s an Anti-bacterial

Cloves can also protect you from stomach upsets and infections. They contain powerful anti-bacterial properties that can kill e Coli and other germs. This makes them an ideal addition to food and herbal teas too. Some people also used it topically to treat acne with good results.

May reduce Stomach Ulcers

Stomach ulcers are painful and hard to treat. Clove oil is a potent remedy that can help. In research it has shown to be as effective as taking ulcer medicines. Adding it to your diet can certainly help you reduce or prevent stomach ulcers and also be an aid in digestion.

May regulate Blood Sugar

One of the benefits of adding Cloves to your diet, is that it can help regulate blood sugar. They do this by improving the uptake of sugar into our cells. This helps insulin to better regulate the amount of blood sugar in our blood. Only use moderate amounts of this spice however, because too much can cause liver issues.

May help prevent Cancer

The benefits of Cloves include being a possible preventative against cancer. In labs, clove oil has been used to successfully destroy cancer cells. The research is still ongoing, but it’s one of the natural herbs and spices that are being tested for possible treatment.

Cloves – Health Benefits

Cloves – Health Benefits of this spice truly deserves our respect and admiration. It packs a powerful health punch in its tiny form. Add small amounts of clove powder or the whole spice to your tea or other foods to enhance their flavor and health benefits.