Being Pakistani is all about family! They seem to affect all your decisions and outlook, sometimes in a good way, sometimes not so much. Here are a few things that make the Pakistani Family so unique.

Desi Food Mania

No sooner has the Pakistani family crossed an international border than they must have Biryani and kabab/paratha pronto. I mean you just left Karachi yesterday, how come biryani is the only dish you are craving and it should be home made? Amazingly whilst in Pakistan, you want every other cuisine from Mexican to Korean!!

Unlimited Visits

No one comes to stay just for a weekend. In fact the Pakistani guest sandwiches his visit between several weekends and as many public holidays as possible. If it’s in-laws then expect them to be making a 2-4 month ‘short’ stay every year.

Every Family Wedding a Royal Wedding

It’s like being invited by Prince Harry & Meghan Markle every month. The same level of hysteria, worldwide attention and clothes crisis! And unlike Kate Middleton, we can’t repeat our outfit; a princess can but we can’t because then some relative will feel slighted that they weren’t worthy of a new ‘jora’. The proof is on Instagram that we wore that particular shirt to our father’s cousin’s youngest niece’s Nikah already!!!

One Stop Shop

There are also many advantages that we take for granted. Need a designer outfit in half the price. Aunty Dolly is there to help you out! Need to sell your house in hurry? Uncle Afzal is in real estate! Need a doctor, lawyer or banker…there is one in the family somewhere, even if he/she has moved to New Zealand. Thanks to social media they are still at your beck and call.

Unlimited Support

The good thing about having a million relatives is there is also amazing support. Have a kid going to some obscure US college? No worries Aunty Fariha’s niece has a sister who lives in that tiny town. Have a medical emergency? No problem everyone has a doctor/consultant/surgeon in the family that you can call in the middle of the night, in another time zone.

The Pakistani family really colors your life in myriad ways. Even if you leave it behind, it never leaves you! And for that we will always be secretly grateful, despite complaining all the time.