Sheer khorma is a traditional dish served up every Eid. But why wait till Eid? Delicious and nutritious, this simple dessert could be a family favourite all the year round.

This Eid, try this old family recipe which has a few twists to add extra flavour.


Seviyan or Vermicelli — 0ne packet

Milk – I.5 liters

Oil – 4-5 table spoons

Sugar – 6 to 8 table spoons (or to taste)

Nutmeg powder – just a pinch or half a teaspoon (jaifal)

Elaichi or Cardamom

Almonds and pistachio



Heat the oil.

Add elaichi or cardamom.

Add seviyan/vermicelli and toss it around in the dish till it starts to become brown and toasty.

And then pour in the milk.

Add the sugar.

Stir and let it come to a boil.

Add the nutmeg powder.

It’s ready! Pour it into a dish and let it cool a bit.

Add the almonds and pistachio for a garnish.