Mariam Mirza in her cosy home.
Mariam Mirza in her cosy home.

Mariam Mirza is a well-known face in television dramas. Originally a banker by profession,  she was always interested in acting and eventually ended up switching professions altogether. “I had many friends in the media. Angeline Malik offered me a role in a play which turned out well and I realized I was quite well suited to this field,” says Mariam. She is currently starring in some of the most popular serials on television like Angan and Ghar Titli ka Par.

Simple yet stylish, Mariam’s aesthetic sensibility and ethos is reflected in her home which she shares with her husband, sons and 2 much-adored dogs.

Who designed your home?

I have designed it myself. We got this place 4 years ago and renovated it completely. I had the wooden floors put in. We changed the doors. Then I had the furniture made. Even before we bought this place, I would pick up things for my home whenI travelled. I bought this cushion cover in Spain before I even knew what kind of home I would have.

But you seem to have had a definite idea of how you wanted your home to look.

Well, I knew the theme would be white. Ivory is my favourite colour and since I have no small children and the dogs stay upstairs, I thought I could pull it off.  I do have small nieces and nephews though who are here every week and they do mess things up a bit (laughs).

I had the sofa made by a carpenter. I designed the shape myself, picked the fabric… so it’s all locally sourced. Then for my dining room, I didn’t get new furniture. I had my old pieces updated. I have used beiges, browns… I love earthy colours. I like a neutral palette and then add colour through accessories.

I like to re-use old things. These chairs, (pointing to two silver gilded chairs) are almost 32 years old and I can’t remember how many times I have re-modelled them. They used to be covered in deco paint.

Do you have a favourite piece of furniture or decoration?

I love all my pieces but I would say this wall art is very unique. These two pieces are made entirely of leather.

Do you like to entertain? 

I do but its normally very casual entertaining. I had a ladies lunch for some media people a while ago and seemed to love my house. When I entertain I cook myself, put out flowers, candles etc. I love to cook but hardly get the time any more.

Then I had a party on my rooftop, which is very simple. It’s just tiled but I rented furniture and palm trees, put up fairy lights etc. If I have to organize an event, I know exactly what I want…flowers, floating candles, lamps. Everything should be personal and welcoming. I don’t believe in expensive things. Anyone can spend money and make something look good. But where’s the brains in that? The fun is in what you create yourself.

Is travel a source of inspiration for you aesthetically. 

I do like to pick up pieces when I travel. I bought these paintings from Phuket, Thailand,  which is quite well-known for its art market. I like abstract work, something with colours, something which has no meaning but a lot of meaning.

What is your favourite spot in the house? 

Well, I love to sit in this chair in my living room and I read the newspaper here every day. I like all the rooms actually. It’s a small, simple house but I love it.








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