The lush gardens of the Mir House truly create a worthy setting for this architectural gem. Architects  Shahid Abdulla and C. Anjalendran of Sri Lanka worked jointly in realizing the inside/out aesthetic that Imran Mir envisioned.

Mir House Gardens

The gardens, however, were designed entirely by Imran himself. He did not like very cultivated grounds and consciously developed his garden to retain a naturalness – a ‘wild’ look.

According to Imran, he decided to break all the rules of landscaping and gardening, just as he did with his art. So we have no formal lawns here, no flower beds. Just plants that have been allowed to grow and form a lush canopy, through which light filters beautifully!

The Champa Tree

Mir House Gardens

The heroic champa or frangipani tree that has survived so many Karachi summers was what drew Imran to purchase the house. He wanted it to be seen from as many rooms as possible. A lovely stone water urn with flowers floating on its surface is placed under the tree to reflect its glory.

Mir House Gardens

In addition a deck with an outdoor table and seating is placed near the tree. The shower stone, bought for the open air bathroom that was not eventually included in the design, was converted into the table top.

A Poolside View

A swimming pool surrounded by plants and a purple bench create the next focal point in the garden. This is overlooked by a passage that connects to the bedrooms and can also be seen through the many windows.

Nighat shares that Imran’s orchids have not survived the onslaughts of the Maali. Imran personally supervised their maintenance and now that he is no longer with us, they have not prospered.

Mir House Gardens

The rest of the garden seems green and serene to us. Water drips from a myriad leaves as the Maali waters generously.

This lush greenery seems impossible to achieve in this desert by the sea, but the vision and dedication of Imran & Nighat has made it a reality at the Mir House.