Photos by Sofia Chughtai

A view of Graffiti Alley, Toronto
A view of Graffiti Alley, Toronto

Visitors to Toronto are familiar with landmarks like the CN Tower and Harbour-front but fewer may be aware of the more quirky, alternative haunts the city can offer. And right in the heart of the city is Graffiti Alley.

Downtown Toronto hosts some of the most vibrant graffiti art in the world and much of it is showcased in Graffiti Alley which runs through the bustling back alleys of the city.

If you’re lucky , you might actually catch an artist at work since these are not the paint and run type. Much of the artwork is actually funded by StreetARToronto, a program designed to promote street art. Among others, iconic graffiti artist Banksy has also contributed his work to the walls of Toronto.

A visitor to Toronto would do well to spend a couple of hours walking through this street, which can’t help but thrill and have you reaching for your camera. And photograph you must because street art is not permanent – what you see this time may not be there the next.

Graffiti Alley is living testimony to the vigour, creativity and sheer fun that Toronto can offer.


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