Sanam Saeed at home: Sanam is one of the most talented and versatile actresses of her generation. From her show-stopping performance in the musical Chicago to her angry young woman in the television mega-hit series, Zindagi Gulzar Hai and recently in Cake the movie, Sanam has wowed us with her acting chops and screen presence every time.

The HomeLoveLifestyle team was lucky enough to get some time with Sanam Saeed  at home, joined in occasionally by the family cat, Billi.

Sanam Saeed at home.
Sanam Saeed at Home with her cat, Billi.

Is your home self-designed or did you have any input from a professional?

sanam saeed at home
Who says you can’t have a bookshelf outdoors?

 Sanam Saeed at home

Well, this is actually my parent’s home and both my parents were interior designers. We moved here after living for many years in a very old-style apartment building with high ceilings, and long corridors. And we wondered how we would adjust to a modern house but we fell in love with the indoor spiral staircase in this house and the garden space.

We always wanted to have a garden where we could just put our feet in the grass and have some chai. My mother actually had to pack up several apartments which were all in the same building to move here – ours, my grandparents, my uncle who had moved away.

So it’s a family home.

Sanam Saeed Home, Living Room

Yes. There is a lot of history in this house. My parents used to make wrought iron furniture at one point so we have those pieces here. Some of the furniture is very old, antiques from my grandparent’s time.

My grandmother’s sister was an interior designer and we have inherited some of her things. I’m used to clutter I guess. And when five people live together everyone’s books, artworks take over.

Drawing Room in Karachi Home of Sanam Saeed

I haven’t had the chance to make my own home. But even if I did, I will also end up making cosy corners.

Any favourite pieces with stories attached ? 

Well this large piece on the wall was made by my mother when she was in college so it’s very, very old. The dining table was bought by my parents when they were living in London. My mother held me in a bassinet and sold sandwiches to buy this table. So it’s as old as I am.

sanam saeed at home

What’s your favourite area of the house?

I guess it would be the sitting area which opens into the garden. I also like the upstairs because it has more light.

So does this home reflect your design sense?

It does but the one thing I would change is I would add more colour. When we were growing up, my parents would experiment with different finishes and they practised on our walls. So we had sponge effect, rag roll, broad brush streaks and it was always different colours.


It was much more eccentric then, everything is too tame right now. But we are in the process of getting brighter colours for the upholstery.

What’s more important for you in a home? Comfort or aesthetics? 

Comfort. I wouldn’t want my home to be a showpiece. A home should be clean and comfortable and a reflection of you. It should be welcoming and homey, people shouldn’t feel afraid to break or dirty something. Our home has always had that.

What inspires you about home decor?

Colour! I also like wooden furniture with maybe a sandpaper finish, very rustic…. and lots of plants and flowers. Flowers really brighten up a place, it’s like lipstick on a woman.

After visiting the very gracious Sanam Saeed at home we have become even bigger fans! We loved the elegant interiors and home decoration as well as her warm and welcoming manner!

Photos by Rubab Akhtar