Art-Filled Family Home


Photography by Naeema Kapadia

The art-filled home of artist Moeen Faruqi and his late wife, theatre actress Mahvash Faruqi, has a warm, eclectic vibe. As an artist himself and a collector Moeen’s home is filled with paintings and sculptures, from the classical to the quirky and contemporary.

Paintings and sculptures greet you as soon as you enter.

Rustic Aesthetic

Antique furniture and a preference for a rustic, ethnic aesthetic lends further to the arty vibe. Warm colours and textures like wood, cane and terracotta can be found throughout the house. Family photos add a warm, personal note and emphasize that this is a family home.  It is evident that this space was carefully nurtured by creative individuals. Moeen Faruqi is an acclaimed artist and his wife Mahvash was one of the finest theatre actresses of her generation. She was also one of the founding members of Zambeel dramatic readings.

On entering the foyer, one is immediately struck by a realistic looking sheep standing under an antique style marble topped table.

Paintings dominate the house, the walls are covered with the work of various artists but with an eye for arrangement. Interesting bric a brac picked up on travels and colourful cushions add warmth and interest.

The antique settee is paired perfectly with the painting above it.

Stunning Courtyard

The courtyard deserves special mention. With beautiful patterned tiles on the floor, a stunning concrete jaali covers one entire wall. The jaali was custom-made for this space following traditional Islamic patterns. Furnished with a jhoola and a few antique chairs, this is a strikingly beautiful feature in the home. This project was very special to the lady of the house and she was particularly pleased with how it turned out.

Comfortable Study

The study is the room where Moeen tends to spend the most time. Here the artwork has to make room for a tall bookshelf going upto the ceiling. The combination of books, music and art make this the perfect room to relax.

The casual, cosy settings also lends itself well to entertaining small, casual groups of friends.

The stairwell, which is also covered paintings, leads up to a small office space and then further up to another sitting area.

This second sitting room is usually used by the couple’s grown up children to entertain their friends and has a more modern edge as compared to the other spaces in the home.

The Studio

The artist’s inner sanctum is, of course, his studio. The artist’s studio is a large, open space with ample light so crucial for his work.This area has been left quite bare filled only with the tools of the artist’s trade.

The paved outer courtyard in the front of the house is also another practical as well as aesthetically pleasing feature of the house. It also lends itself well to entertaining.

The French windows of the sitting room open into this courtyard on one side and lead to the inner courtyard and dining area on the other. In fact, the free flow of space throughout the lower portion of the house allows ample room for entertaining in a relatively small area.

All in all, this is a family home with a  distinctive artsy vibe.

Moeen Faruqi’s solo painting exhibition starts on 9th April and will run till 23rd April at the Koel Gallery in Clifton, Karachi.