Doing up a new home or apartment and stumped for ideas or out of budget? Hey we have all been there. Here are 4 cool alternatives to a side table that will spruce up your space and make a design statement.

Floating Shelf or Drawer

Floating shelves and drawers are really on trend and so versatile. Put them next to your bed to make a bedside table or next to a sofa. Use them to keep ornaments, place your morning mug of tea or for books. Almost every home store is offering a selection, so go ahead and try some in your home.

Stack of books

If you’re like me you have too many books and not enough space. Now pile a few of the bigger, heavier books into a stack and you have created your own unique table. Place it next to a sofa or bed with a small round or square tray on top, so it’s even more usable.

Plant Stand

These are slightly taller than traditional tables but fit in well into rooms without too much extra space. Since they are tall and slim, they won’t hold too much more than a small plate or a glass, but are perfect for apartments where space is limited. Or place two plant stands a few feet apart, place a glass panel on top and wow, you have a console.


Have you got any antique, mismatched chairs in your home or some that are not that comfy? I bet you do and don’t quite know what to do with them. Use them as tables instead, by placing them anywhere you need a side table. Perfect for the study or anywhere you entertain because you can use them as extra seating too. Use them to rest a book when you stop reading or to display ornaments.

With these great side table alternatives, you’ll give your home a fun look and create conversation pieces too! So get creative and try these easy home updates today.