Existing Powder Room

The client was very specific that nothing should be broken or demolished.

Since the Interior Designers, did not have permission to demolish, they decided to add gysum board to the walls, to make perfect, smooth walls.

Gypsum Cornice and a gypsum chair rail was added.

A little electrical work was required, adding two wall light points.

The wall mirror was added across one wall, and a broad 8” skirting was added as well.

A shutter window was a welcome addition.

Since it was a Powder room, a laminated wooden floor was installed on top of the existing old floor

A special paint finish in shaded textures added warmth and glow, even the vanity was treated the same way

Old Chandelier of the client with matching lights was installed.

Result, a warm and welcoming Powder Room, just as the client had requested. No demolition, no new tiles!  By just adding the correct materials, the Interior Designers, Shahida Khan and Naeema Kapadia, breathed new life into this Powder Room!