There are days, when one is overcome with a compelling wish to discard the good old wedding outfit. No! hold it, we can give you 8 great ways to salvage those memories of the ornamental bride on centre stage. Use those sumptuous fabrics and intricate embroideries of your wedding outfit in your home decor.

Tip #1     Make cushions – yes cushions, the royal banarasi and jaamavar look beautiful sitting on the comfy home sofa.

Tip #2     Make a duvet or bedcover. Upgrade your bedroom with a sumptuous bedspread fit for royalty.

Tip #3     Fashion a table runner. A wooden or glass table top will come alive with silk embellished with gold or silver.

Tip #4    Make Curtains.

Tip #5    Create Tray Cloths.

Tip #6    Fashion a tea-cosy cover. Impress your guests with unexpectedly fabulous tea linen.

Tip #7     Make a Sofa or a bed throw. A dramatic throw will instantly liven up the room.

Tip #8     Give it to Charity – let someone else share your happy or miserable memories too!

All these tips can be applied to the Bridegroom’s outfit as well.