How To Buy Your Dream Home with Next Street


Looking for your dream home can be challenging. Finding the right location… To build or to buy? Grappling with logistics…

People looking to avoid the hassle of construction are increasingly turning  to reputable building companies to fulfill their housing needs and aspirations.

Introducing Next Street

Next street Construction is a front runner in this field. Founded in 2009, the company has established its reputation in a relatively short span of time. It is recognised today for its high-quality construction and innovative contemporary design sense.

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With a string of housing projects under their belt, Next Street also takes on renovation and remodelling projects. They have tackled several older constructions to elevate them and keep step with modern living needs.

Whether a new construction or a renovation, the company has been creating spacious modern homes boasting high-end finishes for satisfied clients. With an eye to creativity, the company incorporates unique design features in their spaces to set them apart.

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In fact, over time Next Street has evolved into more than a construction company. Recognised for their attention to design and detail, the company has also completed several interior based projects.

With an eye to bringing a more professional edge to the field, Next Street then turned its attention to marketing strategies. It was perhaps among the first few in the industry to hire a specialised marketing team to bridge the distance between home owners and builders. The aim was to bring Next Street homes to a wider audience, for potential buyers, and as aspirational models for future home owners. Today, professional marketing has become the need of this sector.

Open House Events

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Next Street is also known for its Open House events. Open House showings are a common trend in Western countries and were being held on a limited scale in Pakistan as well. But the homes in Pakistan were not staged by professionals nor was the Open House really opened to the public – showings were restricted to a select clientele.

Next Street changed the game. They collaborated with retailers, bringing them on board to professionally stage their beautifully designed homes. Houses were artfully furnished to be transformed into plush homes These spaces feature luxurious bedrooms, stylish kitchens, children’s rooms, homes office and much more. Artwork, plants and rugs filled in the spaces to create a warm lived in vibe.

“It wasn’t easy bringing so many different retailers on board,” explains Haseeb Mysorewala of Next Street. “But we managed all this in-house. Our events are not managed by a PR firm.”

Today, Open House Events have become the new trend in this industry with companies mostly outsourcing the arrangements.

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Having staged these dream homes, Next Street then turned to social media influencers to advertise the events and throw their doors open to a wider audience.  “In the past, builders were very reluctant to show their homes to a wider audience, especially on social media. But we have to evolve with the times. And we see others are also going this way now.”

When the HomeLoveLifestyle team attended an Open House by Next Street, we were impressed by their creativity and professionalism. Particularly memorable was the Open House featuring a home with a tree right in the middle of the entrance courtyard!

Trend-Setting Role

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Next Street continues to play a trend-setting role in home construction and real estate, opening up new avenues and offering exciting projects. While building homes remains their niche, they have diversified their business, branching into commercial spaces. The have successfully completed several such projects, including large corporate offices, car showrooms and retail stores – all with their signature attention to detail and quality.

Prospective home buyers take note! An Open House showcasing another luxury family home is scheduled for April 2024.

We look forward to seeing what new design trends and comfortable living innovations Next Street has in store!