Photos by Sofia Chughtai 

We visited Marina Khan at home in a peaceful street with lush trees, hiding the cosy & colourful home of this beloved TV star, ace director/producer and animal lover. As we walked into her lovely house, we were struck by Marina Khan’s eye for colour, love of art and her welcoming presence.

What is your concept of home?

Marina Khan at home
Marina Khan at home

Home is just home, not a house and not a show piece. I want people to always feel welcome and there is nothing precious here, except for my Mum’s things which I got after she passed away. Pets are in and out of the house all day, so nothing is too expensive or out of bounds. I’ve only got 6 cats right now, usually I have dogs as well but the last one died recently.

What is your favorite space?

I think the verandah is my favorite place. It’s bright and cheerful, and we can entertain there especially in winter. It’s also where friends can smoke and relax. It was my mother’s and mother in law’s favorite spot too. I also love my kitchen and I used to cook a lot. I plan to start again.

Did you design your home yourself and do you have the final word on décor?


Marina Khan's cosy living room
Marina Khan’s cosy living room

It’s mostly designed by me. Most of our furniture came with us from our apartment. My husband and I made a pact that I would decorate the inside and he got to design the garden. We added some pieces that we picked up from the Lines Area and Nursery antique shops and I inherited some pieces as well.

Any favorite pieces and any stories attached to them?

I love the corner cupboard in the dining room with it’s smokey, patterned glass. We picked it up in the 1990s. The dining table itself we bought for only Rs. 600 for one of our Dalda ka Dastarkhwan shows in 96’ or 97’ and we kept it. Also the coffee table was a Nausheen Masud piece bought for a play but it’s now in our living room.

Marina Khan home

I love to travel and I pick up handicrafts. Thailand used to have some amazing things, now it’s all too touristy. I’ve got pieces from everywhere and some were gifts from my husband as well.

How does your home reflect your lifestyle?

Marina Khan home

Marina Khan at home
Colourful Dining Room in the home of Marina Khan

Usually we entertain a lot, so we open up all the French doors in winter and use all the rooms. In summer it’s mostly the living room that is used.

I like to change things around! In the dining room I added a rough brick wall, which adds a lovely rustic touch. The living room used to be a burnt orange, but now it’s a moss green. Initially we were scared to make the change, but now we love it!