There are a lot of misconceptions about interior designers and what they do! Here we will try to debunk some of the most common ones.

1. Interior Design is predominantly a female profession

Although there are numerous stereotypes within the industry, this is the most ridiculous. There is enough scope in the field for both genders to flourish and express their creativity.

2. Interior designers only play with fabric swatches, paint & decorative items

Again, most ridiculous – they are well versed in space planning and much more— believe it or not they went to interior design school! So their vision is informed by their training and their very own aesthetic.

3. Interior Designers are Unaffordable

This myth is the big one – generally people assume that interior designers are just for the rich. False! This misconception stops most people from actually picking up the phone to call a designer for help.

Here is what everyone needs to know. Interior designers will work within your budget. Even if it is only one room you want help with or just one wall – most are willing to offer advice for those very small projects – many will offer you budget-friendly proposals!

4. Designers are Rigid & Uptight

They are ordinary people and most of them are not even rich (well some are) and actually very down to earth! They love what they do and are passionate about their work, but they do understand that you will need to live in the interior they design, so your input is essential and welcome.

5. Interior Designers are All-Knowing /Omniscient

Not true. While there may be many who certainly have a lot more knowledge about interior design than the average lay person, it certainly does not make them all-knowing.

As a client, you need to be very clear and concise about your wants, needs and budget constraints. If information from your end is lacking, they will certainly fill the blanks with their own personal ideas. ‘Do whatever you want’, is a dream come true phrase but this scenario is unlikely to result in a home or space that speaks to who you are!

6. I can do it myself why would I hire a designer?

This one is another big misconception. Many people feel they have a good eye for form, function and colour, and therefore this allows them to design their own home. You may actually have great ideas and may even know how to implement some of them, there will always remain valuable components of design that only a trained Interior designer can deliver.

Remember, interior designers’ work is backed by years of intensive training and knowledge.

7. An Interior Designer Will Not Reflect My Taste

Of course you want your home to reflect who you are and no one wants to be left with a home looking like a hotel or magazine cover that’s unlivable!

A good designer would never let their own tastes take over. Before any project commences, a designer should sit you down and learn about what the client’s goals are. Once a clear plan is created and approved, only then will they be in a position to create your space.

Yes, your space and a home designed to reflect who you truly are!