Sophia Hasnain is the founder and CEO of Linked Things which is a smart homes and IoT company. Here she speaks to HomeLoveLifestyle about how smart home features can transform your life.

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a home which knows what you want. You can control everything from temperature, lighting, access into the home and more through an app on your smart phone.

Tell us about Otto Water.

Otto Water is a  device we have manufactured locally. It allows you to monitor and control water consumption. We install 2 sensors,  in your overhead and underground tanks, and it will tell you how much water there is in your tank and allow you to control it.

How will this help us save water?

As we all know there is a huge water shortage in Karachi. So first of all, Otto Water will give you peace of mind, you will not suddenly find your tank empty since it will be monitored constantly. You can set a time to switch on the motor automatically or the motor can go on and off at certain water levels, 20% for on and switch off at 80% for example.

Then you will know what your consumption is daily or weekly. How much water is used in one shower so we can start saving in litres. If there is a tap or a flush leak you will also be able to pick that up very quickly.

Many such features and apps already exist in the market. What sets your company apart?

Many products are available and are widely used in the West. The concept is slowly catching on here as well. Many products are available which allow you to control your AC settings, or bulbs which can change colour, or unlock doors or even put on your coffee machine, but you need a separate app for each function. We try to bring everything together with one app. There will be different devices for different functions but all the devices will be controlled by one app.

The other edge we offer is that we do not require you to upgrade or change any existing features in your home. Many smart devices need a special kind of AC or bulb to work. We just need you to buy our product and install with your existing devices.

How is a smart home eco friendly?

People question the need for smart homes in Pakistan. They say we have enough domestic help. But a huge advantage of a smart home is that we start to save energy and water. The first step towards saving is to know how much of something we are using and where we can save. Our products will tell you your daily usage of water and energy. We can install smart meters on your Acs and other devices. You can figure out where the wastage is or you can set a threshold and put a cut off when a certain point is reached. our unit, will tell you tank capacity, daily consumption can put alerts tank empties at 10 %. Energy monitoring, smart meter, acs on don’t know where we are wasting, monthly bill should below much, can set threshold a consumption limit.

Is this an affordable solution?

Other solutions in the market are expensive. But we are offering consumers an affordable solution.  We realize that this should not be a heavy investment for a family and we have tried to keep costs low.

So how do I get my Otto Water app ?

It’s very easy to order. You can call us , WhatsApp, or visit our website. We will respond immediately and discuss your needs and install the device for you.

To learn more or order now visit

Or call +92 333 3794877